Lykoi – Catster

Known as the werewolf cat, this striking breed gets her unusual coat from a natural mutation in the domestic shorthair, which has occurred over the last 20 years in domestic cats. Not to worry: Test results show that the Lykoi’s hair pattern is not from a disease or disorder, and this breed is healthy. The name “Lykoi cat” is Greek for wolf cat.

A new breed of cat, the Lykoi passed to Championship status in TICA in 2016 in the black roan color, which is the show standard. As of 2018, the cats could be shown in the CFA under Miscellaneous Status.

This breed lacks an undercoat and has less hair than most cats. The black roan coat is two tone as an adult — equal parts white and black — although she is born solid black. There may be more coat colors in the future, so stay tuned.